7.Manage coworkers


If you are not going to use TeamBooking as a "team", you'll have only one service provider (the administrator). Otherwise, go to Core settings tab, and choose the WordPress roles that you want to make coworkers, under the Roles allowed to be Coworkers option.

Under the Coworkers tab, you'll find a list populated with your service providers.

7.2Coworker's status

Once a WordPress user becomes a service provider, he is immediately able to give availability for Unscheduled class services. In order to place availability for Appointment and Event classes, he must give authorization to TeamBooking to operate with his Google Calendar.

The Google Calendar column in Coworkers tabs reflects this situation for all the service providers.

  • Ready means that the coworker already gave the authorization, and he can place availability for all the service classes.

  • Not authorized means that the coworker has not gave the authorization yet, so he can be available only for unscheduled services.

  • A special mention goes to the temporarily authorized label: if present, it means that the service provider makes some wrong steps during the authorization process, so the results is a temporary authorization. If you see that, you'd better press the revoke authorization button

7.3Coworker's settings

The Settings button, under the Actions column, opens a modal where you can put a link to a specific service provider profile page. By default, the profile page is the WordPress author page of that user. This link will be applied to the coworker's name in the frontend calendar, if both Link coworker's profile page and Show coworker's name options are selected, under the service settings.

Here, you can also specify which services are allowed to that coworker. By default, all the services are allowed. When you create a new services, it will be allowed by default to all of your coworkers.