6.Manage reservations


In the Overview tab you can view all the reservation's data. Service providers, if not Administrators, can view only reservations that belong to them.

Use the Search... filter at the top to perform search operations.

The data can be exported, for your convenience, as *.CSV and *.XLSX files (if supported by your server). Under Bulk actions you can export *.CSV and *.XLSX with selected reservations only.

Under the Actions column, you can do some operations like removing the record from the database, editing the payment status, approve or decline the reservation, cancel a confirmed reservation and see the reservation details.

6.2Reservation details

In order to see the details, just press the lined icon beside each record, and a modal will appear.

The details are separated by sections like Customer, Booking, Payment (if available) and Zoom Meeting (if available).

If the automatic reminder e-mail message is active for the reservation's service, near the customer's e-mail address you can check the status of the reminder.

You can trigger it manually, if needed, by pressing the Send now link.

At the top-right corner, there are two buttons. The pencil (if you are in the Customer section) allows you to edit the customer's data fields. Just press it, edit and save. The other one allows you to export a PDF sheet with the reservation's data.

Note: the PDF feature is still at its early stages. It will be more customizable soon.

6.3Reservation status

6.3.1Scheduled services (Event, Appointment)

By default, a reservation is confirmed (if approval is requested, then the default status is waiting for approval).

Administrators can cancel a reservation, so the slot will be freed and an email is sent back to the customer, just by pressing the "X" icon under the Actions column.

Note: When you cancel a reservation, Team Booking asks you to give an optional reason for that. The reason will be added to the email sent back to customer, and will be saved in the reservation record.

If the customers are allowed to cancel their reservations, they'll be asked to provide an optional reason too.

The cancelled status stands for a cancelled reservation. Just check the reservation details, in order to check for the cancellation reason, if given.

6.3.2Unscheduled services

By default, a reservation is todo (if approval is requested, then the default status is waiting for approval) and it will be counted in the "Upcoming reservations" box. You (or the service provider) can change the status to done or vice-versa.

You can't modify the unscheduled reservation status if it's waiting for approval.

6.4Payment status

  • unhandled: the payment wasn't handled by Team Booking. The price was 0, or the payment settings was either set to "later" or "at customers discretion" (and the customer chose to pay later).

  • paid: the payment was done.

  • not paid: the payment wasn't done yet.