Why reinvent the wheel?

Team Booking is a WordPress booking and reservation plugin for appointments and services with a very distinctive feature: all the availability plans are made via Google Calendar!

Make availability plans through Google Calendar by creating “availability” events…


In your site’s frontend, availability events become free slots, ready to be booked…

Once a slot is booked, the relative Google Calendar event will be updated!

Frontend calendar demo

Let’s see how a frontend calendar will appear, with some mixed services active (Appointments, Events, Unscheduled services). Navigate through the months and try to make a reservation!


Unscheduled service form demo

Here you will see a direct form for an unscheduled service like “support ticket” (no calendar needed), but that’s just an example of the infinite possibilities of this powerful service class!


Upcoming events demo

Do you need to show a list of upcoming events in your frontend? A fully customizable shortcode is made for that. See how it looks like!


Want to know more?



Are you alone? Are you working in team?

Define your coworkers, let them plan their own availabilities with their Google Calendars, discover all the possibilities!


As admin: create and define each service, manage your staff, craft the frontend aesthetics.

As coworker: choose the services to join, fine tune the reservation dynamic to fit your needs.


Email control

Three levels of notification: to the customer, to the coworker, to the admin. Customize the email content, use dynamic data via placeholders.


Reservation records are kept in the database as long as you want. A convenient Overview section shows all the reservations along with their details. Export them as .CSV or .XLSX!


Form builder

Each service you create, will likely have different needs of collectiong customer’s data.

Team Booking allows you to build a customized reservation form for each of your services.


Flexible services

You can create unlimited number of services, like appointments, events or just unscheduled services.

Availability can be planned with slots, independent containers or mutually exclusive containers.


Just add a location to a Google Calendar slot and the map will be automatically shown on your reservation form.

You can set a fixed location too, if you need a default location for a service.


You can activate the payment support with Stripe and PayPal.

You can set each service to ask for a mandatory payment, discretional payment or no payment at all.